Botanisk Gin – Wenneberg og sønner

Where flowers bloom so does hope

This botanical gin is locally crafted by a Danish family. A mother, writer and gardener, and two young sons, who study biotech. After years of making traditional Danish elderflower syrup in the garden, the family took the project further. And through many experiments and tastings, they produced this fine botanical gin, made purely on seasonal organic flowers, local berries and botanicals.

This gin comes in two varieties – both based on juniper berries, elderflowers, roses and a whole lot of love and teen spirit. The mother’s favourite is a rosewater coloured gin – raspberry infused – a mild and friendly, floral elderflower-thyme-rose gin. The black-and-white version is the boys’ favourite – with a remarkable juniper-lemon-verbena-thyme-elderflower feeling.

Ingredients are primarily organic. But some, handpicked in fields and gardens, can’t be eco-certified.

Noah, Simon and Signe Wenneberg send you love from their garden

Ready for sale April 2018

395,00 Dkr for one bottle – special offer both bottles 700,00 Dkr

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