Botanisk Gin –
Wenneberg og sønner

“Where flowers bloom so does hope” 

This organic botanical gin is locally crafted by a Danish family. A mother, writer of gardening books, and two young sons. After years of making traditional Danish elderflower syrup in the garden, the family took the project further. And through many experiments and tastings, they produced this fine botanical gin, made purely on seasonal flowers, local berries and Danish botanicals. Distilled six times. Floral. No sugar. No additives. Clean and pure. And certified organic (Ø-mærket!).

You will find Botanisk Gin in two varieties – both based on juniper berries, especially elderflowers, lemon thyme, roses, lemon verbena and… a whole lot of love and teen spirit. The boy’s current favourite is a rosewater coloured gin – raspberry infused – a mild and friendly, floral elderflower-thyme-rose genuine gin. The black-and-white version is the female members of the family’s favourite – this one has a remarkable juniper-lemon-verbena-thyme-elderflower taste.

What’s your favorite?

Noah, Simon and Signe Wenneberg sends love from their garden – Signe Wenneberg 21435463

Rum: From time to time we have a very limited batch of old rum.



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Botanisk Gin – Wenneberg og sønner

What’s the difference?

If you want a classic gin to serve in cocktails – take the white one! So tasty – you can sense the elderflowers but there is still the authentic gin-feeling from juniper. Also good with a classic quality tonic. Destilled sit times. 

If you want a gin to be served as a “skinny bitch” – with just an ice cube – take the rosé-colored raspberry infused version! So mild and floral and friendly… Also very good with a classic quality tonic. 

Both our varieties are botanical, floral, mild – but still 40 pct alcohol. Both based on juniper berries, elderflowers, lemon thyme, roses, lemon verbena.Suggestion: Serve our gin with seasonal frozen berries (winter) or edible flowers (botanicals) in the glass: Lilacs, elderflowers, roses (summer). Please do not serve with lemon or cucumber – our gin is so soft, no need for lemon… And we have used pure Nordic ingrediens – Lemon from the South will spoil the Nordic gin.

Sustainability: Reuse the bottles – perhaps for cordial on the drinks table.

Organic: All ingredients are local, clean and organic (Ø-mærke).

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449,00 Dkr for one bottle of gin – Buy two bottles and get free delivery

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Botanisk gin label

Kjær og Sommerfeldt – Gammel Mønt, Kbh.K., Odense og Aarhus (Skolegade på havnen)

Ørby ved Tisvilde

Den Friske Fisk, 
Holløselund ved Tisvilde 

Købmandshjørnet, Tisvildeleje

Hellerup The Depot, Strandvejen 175, Hellerup

Vinhuset på Torvet i Maribo

Bageren i Nysted – Adelgade (husk at købe lakridssmåkager)

Braunstein Destilleri – og pakhus – Carlsvej i Køge

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The world needs more flowers. Bees and insects need botany and biodiversity to survive. And we need them. As consumers of everyday products, we can change the world with what we buy. We can vote for a world with more flowers and less monoculture with our choices, when we spend our money on sustainable products: Locally grown and handcrafted from natural ingredients.

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